Sludge recovery

Benne transport de boues

Integrated and customised solutions to best manage your community's waste.


Recovering your community's waste

Take advantage of an integrated and tailor-made offer including the study, design and implementation of treatment, recovery and disposal systems for sewage sludge, organic and mineral by-products.

SEDE takes care of your sewage sludge, mineral by-products, organic waste and other waste, directing them to the various recovery channels.


Offre intégrée pour valoriser les déchets de votre collectivité


Several channels adapted to recover local authority waste

The solutions proposed to recover your waste are : 

  • Landspreading,
  • Composting, 
  • Digestion,
  • Incineration,
  • Cement plants...

These solutions systematically focus on an urban by-product: agronomic, material and energy recovery.



SEDE has lots of composting processing sites in France and Belgium: a proximity service for a flexible and durable solution.
Digestion enables energy recovery (green energy production) and agronomic recovery of organic waste.

SEDE has an adaptable and tailor-made offer: from the project study to the operation of digestion facilities.