The multi-outlet solution for your waste

Plusieurs filières adaptées pour valoriser un même déchet

With SEDE's multi-outlet solution, your local authority has an optimal solution for any type of urban by-product, with a quality of service, know-how and recognised expertise. 

For 40 years, the various waste management channels offered by SEDE have been able to meet the expectations and anticipate the future needs of many local communities.

This proactive approach has made it possible to develop a range of organic waste treatment and recovery services through a multi-outlet offer.

Your local authority thus has solutions such as agricultural recycling, composting, digestion, incineration, cement works, etc. These solutions are always based on the optimum recovery of urban by-products: agricultural, material and energy recovery.


SEDE's multi-outlet offer means: 


Safety opportunities for your by-products

With several waste management channels, your local authority has access to adapted solutions, implemented jointly or alternately, to guarantee a seamless urban by-product treatment service.

The multi-outlet solution can be implemented on compliant urban by-products and/or non-compliant by-products. SEDE has a wide range of processes in France and abroad that can meet all needs. The multi-outlet system is a guarantee of safety and durability for the treatment of urban by-products. It can also lead to innovation, with channels that have never been implemented before.

Having a range of services, while controlling waste management costs

With SEDE, you benefit from permanent support and a complete range of services. As a customer, you have :

- A single point of contact with skills dedicated to the various sectors, enabling the management of the entire service, from waste production to recovery.

- A dedicated and secure extranet to quickly transmit information on the management of the channel (tonnages, analyses, various documents, etc.).

- Specialised teams to solve specific problems:

  • Sludge dewatering (operation on wastewater treatment plant, equipment rental, maintenance, etc.)
  • Dredging of lagoons, reed beds, etc.
  • Emptying of digesters
  • Odour treatment
  • Etc.

- Dedicated services from the head office (R&D, Maintenance / Infrastructures, etc.) to support you in your reflections and/or possible needs

- A presence within institutions in France (SYPREA, CAS, FNADE, “Club du retour à la Terre”, etc.) to inform you and allow you to benefit from the latest technical and regulatory developments.

Anticipating regulatory changes

Since its creation, SEDE has been committed to implementing waste recovery solutions in compliance with regulations. The sites and channels proposed by SEDE are adapted to each type of by-product and are environmentally friendly.

SEDE is also committed to traceability and transparency in the management of the channels, by offering you a detailed report. This approach is fully in line with ISO 9001- certified quality approach.