Materials available for sludge dewatering

unité mobile de déshydratation des boues issues de l’industrie

SEDE proposes the rental of equipment for the dewatering of your by-products and their valorisation in regulatory and adapted channels.

The units at your disposal allow you to significantly reduce the volume of your sludge. Depending on the quality of the incoming by-products and the technologies used, we can guarantee final dryness rates from 6 to 75% DM.


Dewatering of sludge and industrial by-products

Reduce the volumes of sludge and by-products from industry by expanding your range of recovery solutions.



Equipment adapted to your activity

Collaborate with an expert with the appropriate equipment to thicken or dewater different types of sludge (mineral sludge, organic sludge, sediments, etc.).

SEDE's " Mobile Sludge Services " division manages an equipment base consisting of approximately twenty mobile dewatering units that can be adapted to any type of project in terms of output (0.2 to 2 Tons of MS/h) and technology (dewatering table, belt filter, tray filter, centrifuge).