Treatment of olfactory nuisances: Klearios

Problèmes d'odeurs de station d'épuration

Industrial installations or equipment: NHWSF, lagoons and buffer basins (sugar refineries, distilleries, ready-made meal processing industries, etc.) can release olfactory nuisances.

With its Klearios entity, SEDE has expertise in the treatment of air and odours produced by industry.

Taking into account your technical and financial constraints, we are able to offer several advanced technical solutions in the fields of waste and sanitation.


Klearios is :

  • Several experts to dimension and produce adapted treatment equipment according to odour nuisance,
  • A workshop for manufacturing neutraliser formulations and developing new custom formulations,
  • A highly reactive technical team, spread out over the territory to ensure the installation and maintenance of all this equipment.


Non-hazardous Waste Storage Facilities (NHWSF) : 

We implement, commission and maintain the equipment.

  • Odour neutralisers: do not mask, but reduce the concentration of odours,
  • Non-hazardous product, allowing us to offer products in contact with food,
  • Liquid products, diffusing polymers.

Several implementation solutions :

  • Original implementation in the form of dry steam, WATER-FREE,
  • Implementation by wet fogging,
  • Implementation by fixed station scanning gun (unloading dock),
  • Equipment for sale, short-term (at least 6 months) or long-term rental.

Waste treatment applications

Odour neutralisers, bio-filters and wet and dry gas scrubbers, etc. The proposed odour neutralisers reduce odour concentration (UOE/m3)

More solutions for the waste management industry.

Sanitation applications

H2S preventive treatment, odour neutraliser, modular containment

More solutions for the sanitation channel

Applications in industry

Specific technical solutions for industry: bio-filters, odour neutralisers, impregnated absorbent media, etc.

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