Assistance in the operation of digestion facilities

Installation de méthanisation

An adaptable and tailor-made offer for the supply, analysis, expertise, assistance and operation of your digestion facilities.

SEDE operates a territorial digestion site at Graincourt les Havrincourt, built by Veolia : Artois Méthanisation.



SEDE has been involved from the design stage and is responsible for the operation of the entire channel. The supply of organic waste from :

  • Agriculture (agricultural biomass),
  • Industries (biological sludge - flotation greases, manufacturing deviations, meat waste, catering greases),
  • Communities (lawn mowing, waste from collective canteens, waste from sewage treatment plants),
  • Mass distribution (including non-marketable packaged products to be unpacked),
  • Operational control of the site and the 1MW cogeneration engine,
  • Regulatory management,
  • Recovery of digestates (centrifugation, evapo-concentration, composting, spreading).

Supply partnerships

SEDE has developed supply and technical assistance partnerships throughout France with many digestion installations.

The SEDE assistance offer included :



Offre de SEDE pour l’approvisionnement d’installations de méthanisation

A commercial et logistic service 

Supply from external deposits :

  • Site audit and definition of needs,
  • Search for suitable external deposits,
  • Implementation of adequate transport solutions,
  • Supply chain operation: Planning, logistics, regulatory compliance, invoicing, commercial maintenance of contracts and competitive intelligence.

Innovations to serve your digestion facility

SEDE develops fast and reliable measuring tools. This allows us to offer complementary assistance in monitoring biological performance particularly adapted to digesters.

Based on measurement tools based on near infrared spectroscopy technology, SEDE will be able to provide an instantaneous response on the parameters of interest in digestion, associated with the biological performance of a process (dry matter and organic matter content, volatile fatty acid, ammonium and alkalinity concentrations).



Un service complet pour analyser et expertiser vos installations de méthanisation

A complete analysis service for your digestion facilities

Input tracking :

  • Perform regulatory analyses in accordance with the requirements of the prefectoral decree and the health agreement,
  • Perform characterisation analyses,
  • Perform BMP and flash BMP tests.

Expertise in interpretation :

  • Based on a sample or analysis, assess the relevance and value of a waste and the commercial strategy to be considered.

Monitoring the agricultural and territorial digestive process : 

  • Perform characterisation analyses of your digestion installations.

Follow-up of outputs :

  • Site prefectoral decree and Sanitary Accreditation (environmental and sanitary analyses),
  • Digestats,
  • Wastewater treatment plant discharge,
  • Compost.

Soil monitoring :

  • Site prefectoral decree and spreading plan, analysis of reference points and agronomic value.



Une assistance administrative et réglementaire pour gérer vos installations de méthanisation

Administrative and regulatory

Drafting of regulatory documents :
ICPE Files

  • Activity report for the DREAL: Environmental report, annual report, GEREP declaration,
  • Initial spreading plan: Establishment of the spreading perimeter, Preliminary study, Impact study,
  • Provisional spreading plan and agronomic appraisal: spreading perimeter, plot mapping, establishment and formatting of spreading records, quantitative and qualitative appraisal, spreading campaign appraisal.

Quality, Safety and Environment Audits :

  • Carrying out targeted audits to optimise safety, compliance with the prefectoral decree, environmental protection, document management, preparing an audit and interfacing with the administration or the AFAQ.

Carrying out regulatory controls in accordance with the Prefectural Order and the Labour Code

I/O register keeping and archiving of BSD /DAC /PESEES :

Advice on documentary obligations: Prefectorial Order /Health and Safety Aspects.



Un soutien opérationnel pour exploiter vos installations de méthanisation

Our operational support

Monitoring the digestion process of your facilities :

  • Input/output material balance - Energy balance - Consumables balance,
  • Operating advice on incorporations and operation of the installation,
  • Remote supervision of the installation,
  • On-site intervention on demand.

Operation of digestion plants :

  • Digestate processing and post-treatment.

Inerting, digester dewatering, sludge dewatering and sediment removal via our Liquid Treatment Unit (LTU).

  • Monthly maintenance monitoring (CMMS),
  • Operation of the spreading sector and agronomic monitoring,
  • Supply of inoculum and logistics support,
  • Training of personnel in the biological operation of digestion facilities,
  • Installation of biofilters and washing towers, treatment of odours by neutralisers via our KLEARIOS entity.