SEDE specialist in organic fertilisation

As a recognised specialist in organic fertilisation, SEDE is a major player in the production and marketing of recycled organic fertilisers.

SEDE offers its farming customers a wide range of professional products, some of which can be used in organic farming. The range of products marketed by SEDE are :

  • Composts,
  • Livestock fertilisers,
  • Basic mineral amendments,
  • Mineral fertilisers.

These fertilisers are available in bulk from the production sites. 

They can be delivered by complete 22-30 T truck (semi-trailer or truck plus trailer when access is difficult). SEDE is also able to offer a spreading service.

Fertilisers recycled by SEDE are mainly derived from organic products that have a dual action: crop nutrition and maintenance of soil fertility.

These fertilisers are perfectly adapted and already widely used in field crops, market gardening, viticulture, arboriculture, etc.



Fertilisers that are both effective and long-lasting

The use of recycled organic fertilisers is part of sustainable agriculture, concerned with saving non-renewable resources. This requires promoting recycling, by valorising local resources in the context of the circular economy.


Recycled and regulatory

Organic raw materials of urban or industrial origin processed and transformed at our sites become fertilisers. In this regard, they meet the requirements of French regulations.

The organic fertilisers recycled by SEDE then have the same legal status as those from the chemical industry and/or mining.


A "Sustainable Fertiliser" label

Promoting organic fertilisers and emphasising their benefits for the environment is the purpose of the "Sustainable Fertiliser" label, created by the “Club du Retour à la terre”.

The 700,000 tonnes of compost that SEDE puts on the market benefit from this label.