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SEDE is committed to carrying out the missions entrusted to it by its customers, and to recruiting and training its employees in accordance with the values of the Veolia Group, based on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Committed to equal opportunities, SEDE studies all applications, including those from people with disabilities, on the basis of equal competence.


Gender equality indicator

Since 1 September 2019, companies with more than 250 employees are required to publish an index, based on five criteria, used to measure the efforts of French companies in terms of equal pay between women and men.

The index score, calculated for the 2019 calendar year, is 77/100 (compared to 73/100 in 2018).


How is the index calculated ?

The Gender Equality Index consists of 5 indicators rated out of 100 points that assess inequalities between women and men in the company. Each indicator is weighted and measured as a score. The sum of these scores is used to calculate the index. If the overall score is less than 75 out of 100, the company will have 3 years to take corrective action.


The 5 indicators :

1. Wage gap between women and men in comparable positions and age

This indicator represents 40 points, which are obtained when there is a 0% wage gap between women and men in comparable positions and ages. The indicator compares the average remuneration of women and men, including performance bonuses and benefits in kind. Only bonuses linked to working conditions (night bonuses, overtime, etc.) and severance pay and job insecurity are excluded.

2. Distribution of increases between women and men

This indicator represents 20 points. The maximum number of points is awarded if the company has increased the number of men and women by the same amount, to the nearest 2% or 2 persons.


3. Distribution of promotions between women and men

The maximum number of points (15 points) is awarded if the company has promoted as many men as women, to the nearest 2% or to the nearest 2 persons.


4. Increases upon return from maternity leave

This indicator is calculated when increases were given while people were on maternity leave, it represents 15 points.


5. At least 4 women in the 10 highest paid positions

This indicator represents 10 points.

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