Treatment of odours at your facilities

Problèmes d'odeurs de station d'épuration

Often, facilities or equipment: Non-hazardous waste storage facilities, lagoons and buffer basins (sugar factories, distilleries, ready-made meal processing industries, etc.), wastewater treatment plants (slaughterhouses, dairies, pet food) and sewerage networks give off unpleasant odours.

With Klearios, SEDE has expertise in the treatment of air and odours from wastewater treatment plants, for example.

Your local authority then has access to the appropriate technical solutions, taking into account your technical and financial constraints, in the fields of waste treatment and sanitation.


Odour treatment: Klearios

  • A team of experts who design and build the treatment equipment.
  • A workshop for the manufacture of neutraliser formulations and the development of new custom formulations.
  • Strong reactivity thanks to a technical team spread over the territory to ensure installation and maintenance services.


Non-hazardous Waste Storage Facilities:

We install, commission and maintain the equipment.

  • Odour neutralisers not masking agents, reduction of odour concentration
  • Non-hazardous product, possibility of offering products suitable for food contact
  • Liquid products, diffusing polymers
  • Original implementation in the form of dry steam, WATER FREE
  • Implementation by wet fogging
  • Implementation by scanning gun at fixed station (unloading dock)
  • Equipment for sale or for short- (at least 6 months) or long-term rental


Odour neutralisers, bio-filters and wet and dry gas scrubbers, etc. The odour neutralisers offered reduce odour concentration (UOE/m3).
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H2S preventive treatment, odour neutraliser, modular containment..
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Technical solutions specific to industry: bio-filters, odour neutralisers, impregnated absorbent media, etc..
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