Composting process

Chargeur de boues

The composting of organic waste is a means of recovering materials. Technically proven and regulated, it is environmentally friendly and agronomically beneficial.

Composting organic waste (green waste and sludge) produces a more agronomically balanced product than sludge.

SEDE is clearly committed to this logic of producing standardised compost, allowing sludge to transition from waste to product.

A stable compost, with very little odour and a nice earthy appearance. These criteria improve its social acceptability.


Composting : an opportunity for your organic waste

Compostage de vos boues d'épuration et déchets organiques

Composting sites for organic waste throughout France and Belgium : a local service for a flexible and long-lasting solution.


A standardised process for composting sludge

Standardised composting of sewage sludge is a process that meets many environmental expectations : 

  • Agronomic improvement : Fertilising elements are more stable in compost than in sludge (organic matter, nitrogenous forms).
  • Material reduction : Approximately 50% loss of final volume compared to the initial mixture.
  • Hygienisation of the product : With obtaining a very low-odour "compost".
  • Valorisation of the material : By a return to the soil with an amending effect (stable humus) and fertilising effect (nitrogen, phosphorus, potash). The process is characterised by a 100% recovery rate (no final waste, as the screening rejects are fully reused as co-products).
  • Carbon balance greatly improved : By the fertiliser savings made by farmers.
  • Lower consumption of fossil fuels (gas for the manufacture of nitrogen fertilisers).
  • Reduced extraction of natural resources (phosphate deposits).
Le compost Tradisol est produit à partir de matières fertilisantes issues du traitement des eaux

The compost produced from sludge is eligible for the NFU 44-095 standard (compost obtained from fertilising materials from water treatment, subject to compliance with criteria set by the standard). It is marketed under the Tradisol brand name.

Le compost Tradivert est produit à partir de matières fertilisantes issues du traitement des déchets verts


Tradivert compost is produced from fertiliser materials from the treatment of green waste. The composting of green waste produces green compost that meets the NFU 44-051 standard and is marketed under the Tradivert brand.

Treatment, composting and landspreading