The circular economy at the heart of SEDE's activities

A propos de SEDE France

The SEDE Group is a subsidiary of Veolia, specialising in the multi-outlet treatment of organic and mineral waste, consisting of 4 entities: SEDE Benelux in Gembloux (B) - Angibaud Derome & Specialties - Klearios and Alcion Environnement. 


Key figures :

  • 500 employees in France and Benelux
  • More than 4,400 processing lines
  • 16,000 farms
  • 175,000 plots of land concerned by a spreading plan covering 1.1 million ha
  • More than 26,000 analyses performed
  • More than 30 treatment sites
  • And 700,000 tonnes of compost marketed


SEDE's activities

The circular economy is at the core of SEDE's activities, with the processing and recovery of sludge, organic and mineral waste in compliance with legislation in force.



At the national level, SEDE is organised into 5 regions: North-East, IDF, West, South-West and Southeast and includes:

  • 1 specialist division, Mobile Sludge Services, dedicated to the installation, operation and maintenance of curing and dewatering equipment.
  • 17 territorial agencies, dedicated to the management of geographical channels.


SEDE est organisée en 5 régions : Nord-Est, IDF, Ouest, Sud-Ouest et Sud-Est



Union of Agricultural Recycling Professionals


Syndicat des Professionnels du recyclage en agriculture

SEDE is a member of SYPREA (Syndicat des Professionnels du recyclage en agriculture), which regulates the return to the soil of agro-industrial effluents, urban and industrial sludge and of compost.
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Club du Retour à la terre


Promotion du retour au sol des déchets biodégradables

A neutral and apolitical space for reflection, centred on the issue of the development of practices for the recovery and return to the soil of biodegradable waste.
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European Federation for Agricultural Recycling


European Federation for Agricultural Recycling

SEDE is a member of EFAR (European Federation for Agricultural Recycling), which participates in discussions about the evolution of spreading regulations at the national and European levels.
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L’AFAÏA (formerly CAS)


Filière des fabricants de supports de culture et d'améliorants organiques

SEDE is a member of the AFAÏA (formerly CAS), a union that has represented for more than thirty years the growing media and organic improver manufacturers sector.

As such, AFAÏA benefits from the use of the "Sustainable Fertiliser" brand created by AFAIA and the “Club du retour à la Terre”
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