Artois Methanisation

Site de méthanisation des déchets organiques

Digestion, an innovative process in France, makes it possible to respond to the dual problem of treating fermentable waste and producing green energy by integrating this waste into a virtuous carbon cycle.


Site de méthanisation des déchets organiques

SEDE specialises in the treatment and recovery of industrial waste and by-products. We place our know-how as a multi-outlet operator at your disposal, offering a very broad range of recycling routes, including digestion.

The Artois methanisation site is sized to efficiently treat multiple types of waste with different rheology and viscosity properties.

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About Artois Methanisation :

  • Processing capacity: 32,000 tonnes/year
  • Annual production: 7,000 tonnes of digestate produced
  • Electrical energy: 8,000 MWh/year, equivalent to the electricity supply of 6,500 inhabitants.
  • Greenhouse gases avoided: 2,000 tonnes/year


Why choose the digestion process ?

Since January 2012: "large waste producers are obliged to sort and valorise organic waste".

French legislation also requires the integration of 23% renewable energy into electricity consumption by 2020.

Many manufacturers are now required to sort their waste and change their type of electricity supply.

The digestion process is a relevant response to the dual problem of treating fermentable waste and producing green energy.


A complete and reliable solution for the management of waste and by-products

With a perfectly integrated waste treatment process, SEDE allows you to achieve many goals for your company:

  • Adapt collection logistics to your company's activities
  • Treat all bio-waste streams by working with an approved partner to treat category 3 animal by-products
  • Propose a dual agricultural and energy recovery system
  • Reduce transport costs with optimised logistics
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of your industry

Removal, management and digestion of food waste


Traitement des biodéchets alimentaires pour méthanisation ou compostage
Energy recovery (green energy production) and agricultural recovery of biowaste to meet regulatory requirements

A complete digestion-centric service

Digestion is a natural biological process of degradation of organic matter. In the absence of oxygen, methanogenic bacteria produce biogas and a residue (the digestate).

SEDE's services support your company throughout the digestion process :

  • Expert assessment :

    Analysis of the composition of the waste and the biogas produced in pilot plants to verify the suitability of the waste for anaerobic digestion.

  • Deconditioning :

    Separation of organic material from packaging (PP, PET, HDPE bottles, aluminium cans)

  •  Biogas recovery :

    Conversion of matter into heat and electricity

  •  Digestate recovery : 

    (normalised compost)