The multi-outlet solution for your waste

Valorisez les mêmes déchets via des filières différentes

The multi-outlet solution proposed by SEDE is an optimal solution for any type of industrial by-product. Your company has a quality of service, a know-how and a recognised expertise.


Our 35 years of experience enable the different waste management channels to meet the expectations and anticipate the future needs of many industries.

SEDE's proactive approach has led to the development of a range of services.

These solutions are organised in a logic of optimum valorisation of the by-products resulting from your activity: landspreading, composting, digestion, incineration, cement works, etc.




A wide range of services for a controlled waste management budget

Benefit from a personalised follow-up with a complete range of services. As a customer, you have access to :

  • A single point of contact with skills adapted to the various channels, to manage the entire process, from waste production to recovery.

  • A dedicated and secure extranet to quickly transmit information on the management of the channel (tonnages, analyses, various documents, etc.).

  • Specialised teams to solve specific problems :

                  > Sludge dewatering (on-site operation, equipment rental, maintenance, etc.)

                  > Curing of lagoons, reed beds, etc.

                  > Digester emptying

                  > Odour treatment

                  > Etc.

  • Dedicated services from the head office (R&D, Maintenance / Infrastructures, etc.) to advise you better.

  • Participation in certain institutions (SYPREA, CAS, FNADE, “Club du retour à la Terre”, etc.) to stay informed and benefit from new technical and regulatory developments.

Secure opportunities for your by-products

The plurality of waste management channels, implemented jointly or alternately, allows us to guarantee an uninterrupted industrial by-product treatment service.
A multi-outlet solution can be developed for all types of waste from industry, materials and manufacturing refusals, compliant or not. SEDE manages a large number of sectors capable of meeting all needs in France and abroad. In addition to enabling innovation, multi-outlet technology is a guarantee of safety and durability for industrial waste treatment.

Anticipate regulatory changes

Since its creation, SEDE has been developing waste recovery solutions that comply with regulations. The sites and channels proposed by SEDE are adapted to each type of by-product and are environmentally friendly.

SEDE is also committed to traceability and transparency in the management of the channels and is ISO 9001 certified.