Solutions for non-compliant sludge

Gestion et valorisation des déchets pour les collectivités

Occasional or chronic non-compliance of your deposit is not an obstacle to an environmental and economic solution.

Whether in terms of metallic trace elements, organic trace compounds or dryness, a question arises: what direction should you give to your production concerned by pollution? SEDE helps you to find the best technical and economical solution to your problem.

Solution de traitement pour  les boues non conformes


A broad range of treatment or storage sites to valorise your non-compliant sludge

SEDE offers 3 main families of treatment solutions :

  • Material recovery : enabling the reuse of waste components
  • Thermal recovery : using the calorific value of the waste
  • Disposal : this is only considered as a last resort when no recovery is possible.


We have to :

Identify non-compliance : 

It can be anticipated, or, as in most cases, suffered, in the case of accidental pollution.

  • Isolate production
  • Define the type of non-conformity (ETM, CTO, dryness defect, faulty liming, etc.)

Study possible solutions :

  • Study the economic, environmental and regulatory aspects of the channels under consideration
  • Target potential partner sites

Find the right channel :

  • Find a trade agreement
  • Activate the treatment channel(s)
  • Organise logistics and collections
  • Solve the treatment of the non-compliance through the submission of waste tracking slips or transboundary movement documents


Opportunities for your non-compliant waste

SEDE secures the treatment of your batches of non-compliant sludge by means of a multi-channel solution and multi-site management.

With 20 years of experience, SEDE works with more than a hundred treatment sites throughout France, with a dozen European partners. Your non-compliant sludge is guaranteed to find a long-lasting and profitable solution.