Treating liquid

Prestataire fiable pour traitement de déchets liquides

The " Mobile Sludge Services " division ensures the operational management, operation or maintenance of your equipment in the dewatering of sludge, materials and manufacturing rejects.

SEDE then operates as a service delegate at your facilities to ensure the operation or maintenance of your units, putting a team of experts at your service.





Guaranteed quality of service and advice for the treatment of your liquid waste

Our expertise in dewatering processes and liquid waste treatment enables us to guarantee quality of service, while sharing advice adapted to your sludge industry.

Today industrialists rely on SEDE to operate fixed facilities and workshops.


An autonomous and reactive service provider for liquid waste management

Our fleet of dredging and curing equipment and peripherals enables us to manage each site in its entirety, adapting our action plans where necessary.

SEDE can then charter static and rotary screens, pumps, suitable piping, generators, along with 30 to 50 m3 stirred buffer tanks.

The diversification of solutions for the treatment of industrial by-products has enabled the " Mobile Sludge Services " division (M2S) to test its skills in the sectors dedicated to dewatering.


Sludge and sediment extraction equipment base

  • 1 MC 825 dredger
  • 1 Mini dredger remotely controlled from the bank
  • 2 Amphibious machines
  • Boxes and bar screens,
  • Electric and heat pumps

Mobile equipment base

  • 3 Drainage tables
  • 5 Filter presses
  • 9 Centrifuges
  • 5 Band Filters
  • 2 Inclined plate settlers
  • 2 Sand cleaning units


Equipment suitable for dewatering liquid materials and wastes

Each year, SEDE implements specific and highly technical projects. Our group operates on behalf of numerous communities and industries in a variety of sectors (paper, pharmacopoeia, materials, petrochemicals and food processing, etc.).

Each project is analysed upstream by our liquid waste treatment experts. They can then offer the right equipment for curing, dredging, dewatering or installing and maintaining your company's equipment.


Rental of mobile sludge dewatering unit

Location d'unité mobile de déshydratation des boues issues de l’industrie

Dewatering your by-products in order to valorise them in regulatory and adapted channels.

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A local service

The Liquid Waste Treatment Unit is a flexible team of 37 people:

  • 25 experts to ensure continuous project operation
  • 5 reactive maintenance agents who are fully conversant with the technologies used in the field
  • 7 specialists in charge of local supervision, allowing us to respond quickly at your facilities.


SEDE has a MASE certification.

3 antennes couvrant l’ensemble de la France pour le traitement de déchets liquides
Three branches cover the whole of France. This segmentation offers you greater responsiveness in the provision of resources and skills.