Sell the compost your community produces

Services de distribution de SEDE pour vendre vos composts

SEDE deploys adapted professional services to support communities in their need for regular disposal of their composts.

SEDE relies on the development of its "Compost Sales" activity at both the regional and national levels to guarantee the recovery of all compost and regularity of output. Your community then benefits from :

  • Development of a marketing strategy
  • A guarantee of compost disposal
  • Distribution of compost to a variety of agricultural sectors,
  • Marketing directly or in partnership with distribution channels
  • Controlling its environmental impact



SEDE has a team of salesmen specialised in the marketing of fertilising materials who rely on feedback and technical training from a Regional Manager and a National Compost Marketing Manager.



Distributing composts to diverse agricultural sectors

In order to maximise outlets and broaden the agricultural calendar, SEDE offers a broad range of products adapted to all identified local agricultural markets.

Whether they are field crops, specialist crops, market gardening, organic landscaping or site rehabilitation, SEDE offers the right product and agronomic discourse adapted to each local specificity or problem.


Marketing directly or in partnership with distribution

Thanks to its field action carried out for more than 20 years in the field of agricultural development, SEDE has a very extensive network of reliable partners.

Contacts and agreements with distribution (traders and/or cooperatives) complete our marketing network and strengthen our ability to build customer loyalty and renew our compost customers.


Limiting environmental impacts

SEDE minimises environmental impacts through appropriate selection of transportation modes and pre-spreading disposal sites.

Your composts are valorised primarily on local markets and contribute to the reconstitution of the stock of organic matter in the soil (improvement of the carbon balance).

Moreover, SEDE controls all logistics services, including transport, storage and spreading.