Renewal of the Qualicert service certification

Renewed Qualicert Service Certification for the agricultural sludge recovery chain of the Seine Aval plant of the SIAAP.


The renewal audit was carried out by the SGS certification body, which assesses the compliance of the commitments set out in the Qualicert service certification reference framework specific to good practices in the agricultural spreading of recycled fertiliser materials.


The Certificate has been renewed for 3 years from 21 August 2020.




The characteristics are mainly based on :

- Taking into account the regulations,

- Product and soil controls,

- Traceability on the destination of the products,

- Transparency and communication between the different actors, 

- Validation of the skills of the personnel assigned and the training courses followed.



The standard is a commitment to results based on the respect of 37 certified characteristics, thus securing the channel : from the handling of the sludge to the final spreading on the plot of land. 

The channel is supervised by a monitoring committee which meets annually.